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OnlyVoucher.com wants to become the reference point for buying and selling vouchers.
In normal ad sites or social networks vouchers are not checked, so it is risky for both the buyer and the seller.
Entrusting your voucher to us means handing it over to professionals who check its validity to offer greater protection and security to the entire community.
OnlyVoucher.com is the only platform that checks all vouchers before publishing them and before sending them to buyers.
Our mission is to improve the experience and protection of both parties when buying and selling vouchers.

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    All vouchers must be checked by our experts to ensure their validity.

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    • Your ad will be uploaded only after voucher verification, however not more than 12 hours.
    • We ask you for the voucher code so we can verify it and send it to the buyer immediately after purchase.
    • The voucher will be re-checked just before it is sent to the buyer.
    • You will receive the money made from the sale via instant transfer within 24 hours of the sale.
    • You can withdraw your voucher from the sale at any time by writing to pull@onlyvoucher.com.
    • If you withdraw from the sale, your voucher will be removed within 12 hours from all our channels. Please wait for our confirmation email.
    • In case a buyer purchases a voucher that is no longer available (no longer active) you will be contacted by our customer service. In this case we will be obliged to ask you for a flat rate of 10€.